Each user added to the Risk Ledger app is assigned a User Role, with each Role having a different set of permissions to the Risk Ledger platform. A description of User Roles and their associated permissions can be found here.

Please note: to add, edit, or remove users you must be signed into an account that has been assigned the Lead User role or an Admin User role.

You cannot edit the Lead User account role. To change the User that has been assigned the Lead User role please contact us at support@riskledger.com.

To edit a user's details or User Role please follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Risk Ledger app with a Lead User or Admin User account.
  2. Navigate to the Organisational Administration section on the Settings page.
  3. Locate the user to be edited on the Manage User's table. 
  4. Select the Edit button (a pencil icon) on the column to the right of the table. A pop up will appear.
  5. Edit the user's details and role. A description of each User Role can be found here. Click the Edit User button to save the changes.

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