The first time you sign up to Risk Ledger as a Supplier, you will have to complete an assessment against our Supplier Assessment Framework. 

Before you start the assessment, we recommend you invite whomever is responsible for IT within your organisation onto the platform as a user, so that they can help.

First, we ask that you complete the scoping questions.

Once they are completed the assessment wizard will appear. All of the control questions within the wizard will have to be answered. You may add as many users to your Risk Ledger organisation as you need, and you can all access and answer control questions within the wizard. A list of domains and recommended staff to answer the control questions within the domain is listed below.

The assessment saves any inputted answers and so you may leave and come back to the assessment at any point.

For each answer you can add notes and upload supporting evidence. The more notes you can add to each answer to explain what control is in place, or why a control isn't in place, typically the fewer actions will be launched against you by your clients.

For help answering individual control questions please visit our Resources Knowledgebase.

For evidence uploads we support .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .png, and .jpeg files.

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