Welcome to Risk Ledger.

We have launched the Risk Ledger platform to achieve two aims. Firstly, to help Suppliers across the globe to implement cyber security in a pragmatic, efficient and affordable way.

Secondly, to make sure that Suppliers never have to complete another security assurance questionnaire again. 

Risk Ledger allows you to complete just one security review and then have multiple Clients all collect their assurance data off of the single source of truth. 

Eventually, we want every corporate across the globe to be using this platform to assess the security of their supply chain, which would remove a lot of the pain associated with security reviews of Suppliers today.

To help onboard you onto the platform we have collated a knowledgebase of security information and templates that are free to access and use. The platform is also, and will always be, free for Suppliers. Shortly we will be deploying new features that help suppliers like you to automate your security, further reducing any overhead related to security.

The platform is in Beta version right now, so bear with us! If you find any minor bugs, or have any suggestions for improvements, the Risk Ledger team is on hand to help.
You can chat to us through the intercom widget, at the bottom right of your screen. Alternatively, feedback can be sent to support@riskledger.com.
We want to hear from you!

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