An exemption is a way for you to remove the requirement for a Supplier to have a control implemented. You may want to do this if a Supplier falls under a requirement that, upon examination, you don't think is relevant to them.

Please note: you can only apply an exemption against a control that is non-compliant.

To apply an exemption, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Risk Ledger app as an Edit, Admin, or Lead User of an organisation set up as a Client. 
  2. Navigate to the Suppliers page. 
  3. Select the Supplier for whom you want to apply the exemption against and click on that Supplier to go to their profile. 
  4. Locate the control that you would like to apply the exemption against. Please note, you can only apply an exemption against a non-compliant control.
  5. Click on the control. A pop up will appear. To apply an exemption, click on the Apply Exemption button.
  6. Enter a Reason for the exemption and click Apply Exemption.
  7. You can remove the exemption by following the above steps for a control on which an exemption has been applied (the button changes from Apply Exemption to Remove Exemption).

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