On the Risk Ledger platform there are two main types of actions: connection requests and remediation requests. Open and closed actions can be seen and interacted with in your action centre.

 Connection Requests

A connection request is when another organisation wants to add you to their supply chain assurance programme, or when you want to add another organisation to yours. Either party can request to connect through the Risk Ledger platform, and if accepted the Client will be able to view the Suppliers assessment.

To find out how to connect with a Supplier, click here.

Remediation Requests

A remediation request is a request by a Client for a Supplier to either provide more evidence for a control, or for a control to be implemented or changed. This happens when a Client views a Suppliers assessment and believes that there is a gap in their security posture that presents a risk to them, or when a Supplier has not provided enough information, or evidence, that a control has been implemented.

A remediation request is always launched by a Client and has a deadline and reason attached to it.

To find out how to launch a remediation action, click here.

Please note: the Risk Ledger application doesn't currently support in App messages between Clients and Suppliers. As such, any queries over the nature of an action, or any disputes over the need for an action should be had between the Client and Supplier via email. 

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