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This is our Help Centre. Here you will find answers and guides to help you make the most of the Risk Ledger application. If you have any questions on the mechanics of the application or how to best use Risk Ledger, this is where you will find the answers.

Resource Knowledgebase

Our Resource Knowledgebase can be found here

You may see references and links to our Resource Knowledgebase throughout the application. This is a knowledge base that we have built to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of information security. 

We have structured the Knowledgebase around our assessment framework. We have an article for each control question that we ask suppliers during their assessment to help them understand why the question is being asked, what the control is, and how best to implement it.

The Knowledgebase and our assessment framework is published and maintained by our team at Risk Ledger under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Details of the License can be found here.

This means you can use, share, and distribute the Knowledgebase or assessment framework (or segments of) as you wish, as long as you attribute it to Risk Ledger and do not use it for any form of commercial purpose.

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